TRX & Drew Brees – What a Team!

The innovative concepts behind TRX Fitness were founded by Randy Hetrick, a Navy Seal commando looking for a creative way to keep his men in peak physical condition. After experimenting with an old jiu-jitsu belt and some extra parachute webbing, he discovered that he could hang his newly-invented contraption over the door and perform a host of strength and endurance exercises using only his own body weight. Before long Hetrick started TRX Fitness and developed a line of products praised by athletes, trainers, and coaches alike.

TRX Suspension Trainers deliver a comprehensive full-body workout with a product that takes up less space than one machine at the gym. Build lean muscle, burn fat, strengthen your chest and arms, increase flexibility and endurance, and develop a rock-solid core with a simple set of exercises. Set up a group of suspension trainers in your health club or pack one in your bag and take it on the go – TRX Fitness products are engineered to be portable and lightweight. TRX also created a set of adjustable anchors that make working out in any room in your home as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Gym Source carries both the Home and Pro (Club) Suspension Trainers as well as the rotation-centered Rip Trainer. All three combine the natural effectiveness of simple resistance with the force of powerful movements for an unbeatable experience. The training kit, wall mount, and door anchor all provide useful accessories to make the TRX method all that more accessible.


Easy to set up and highly portable

The TRX is easy to set-up, is compact and lightweight, making it the perfect home and portable solution for those on the go.

Fast and easy workouts

The TRX Suspension Trainer allows you to perform hundreds of functional exercises that build strength, flexibility, core stability and endurance. Take your performance to the next level.

All fitness levels and goals

TRX Suspension Training harnesses your own bodyweight to create resistance as you workout and allows you to adjust the degree of difficulty, regardless of your fitness level, age or fitness goals.

Work out anywhere

If the gym isn’t your thing or you just want to work out in the privacy of your home, your backyard or at the hotel, the TRX is a practical solution for making sure you are able to stay fit.