Founded in 1991, PowerBlock, Inc. manufactures specialty fitness equipment designed by Carl Towley and Greg Olson. As former designers for such companies as Cybex, the two have an in-depth understanding of the needs of the fitness industry. After recognizing the problem created by the large amounts of dumbbells that were invariably present in specialty fitness stores, Towley and Olson determined that there had to be a better way to provide a performance advance to fitness enthusiasts with hand weights without the cost restrictions and space created by old-fashioned dumbbells and racks. Following two years of extensive testing, Towley and Olson opened the doors to PowerBlock and revolutionized the fitness industry with the introduction of selectorized dumbbell products. Since that time, PowerBlock has remained a leader in the fitness industry and continually strives to provide new levels of excellence.

PowerBlock dumbbells are perfect for the individual or the fitness facility with a desire to avoid the cluttered look created by multiple free weight dumbbells. As most fitness enthusiasts are well aware, a dumbbell collection can consume a lot of space in order to provide users with versatility. With the PowerBlock stage kits, it is possible to still benefit from versatility while at the same time freeing up valuable space. Stage I provides users with a range of weight options that extend from 5 pound to 50 pounds, while Stage II provides options ranging from 5 pounds to 90 pounds. Each PowerBlock stage kit features two dumbbells with adjustable weight increments. A stand is included with each stage kit to provide convenient, easy storage and the ability to keep weights contained to one area. From home fitness enthusiasts with limited space to health clubs and gyms, the PowerBlock stage kits are backed by a lifetime warranty and are an ideal solution for providing versatility within a compact area.