Bodyguard R9X Recumbent Bike


The most acclaimed recumbent bike of the last 5 years. The fabulous space saving design, comfort and adjustability of the R6X makes achieving your goals a breeze.

Key Features

The R6X recumbent bike features a proven step-thru design that allows users to access the machine safely and easily. It has a mesh back rest that reclines and adjusts easily to your ideal workout position, at the same time ensuring a good flow of air from behind. Another great feature is the handlebar console controls that put everything you need during your workout right at the tips of your fingers.

Other key features worth noting include:

  • K2 EMS Resistance System: A silent, powerful, precise, durable and maintenance-free system that is totally reliable.
  • CHR Digital Contact Heart Rate Sensor: Digital dual-sided sensor that delivers faster, more accurate contact heart rate readouts.
  • HRC Heart Rate Control Programs: Allows you to customize your heart rate control program to achieve optimal results.
  • Comfort Cush Seat: Perfectly designed for long rides.
  • Just Go™: All you do is push a button to start your workout.
  • iTek Diagnostic System: Integrated software that continuously monitors the performance of the equipment.

Features and Technical Specs