Functional Trainers offer strength, performance, and flexibility in one package

Strength training delivers more benefits than the name implies. Just as a good diet and cardio training help improve your general fitness, proper strength training can build your endurance, bone health, coordination, and balance. It also provides a great way to increase your metabolism not to mention your confidence and self-esteem. And if you love playing sports, strength training can enhance your performance while helping minimize or prevent injuries. Studies show that strength training only a couple of times a week can have profound eects on your body. But achieving such results requires a commitment to your workout routine. That’s why you need to choose the right equipment to keep you challenged and engaged. Fitness West offers a variety of home strength systems that provide you with an effective exercise program that can lead to better and faster results. Each and every piece of our strength equipment focuses on delivering a positive, motivating, and empowering fitness experience. After all, our goal isn’t to force you to exercise. It’s to offer you a comfortable, challenging workout that inspires you to exercise.

Check out our full line-up of functional trainers by leading brands such as PRECOR, Hoist,  Torque, and Vo3 here.