Monthly Archives: August 2014

How to Increase Metabolism

By Julie King, Octane Fitness Blog

Metabolism often gets a bad rap, being blamed for weight gain or inability to lose weight, with people claiming, “I have a slow metabolism.” If you’re one of those people, use these tips on how to increase metabolism.

What is metabolism, really? Essentially, it is the rate at which your body uses calories and expends energy to sustain life and support activity. It shows roughly how many calories your body burns each day. If you have a high metabolism, you use more calories each day without gaining weight; and if your metabolism is low, you don’t require as many calories daily. Continue reading

Optimizing Your Workout Effectively

In our daily lives it is very hard to find the time to fit in a workout. For many the excuse of not working out is simply, “I don’t have the time, and a 20-30 minute workout will not give me my desired results.”

However this is not true! Everyone can spare 20-30 minutes a day, (it is less than 1% of the day), and more importantly, there is a way that you can optimize your workouts to gain the greatest benefits from a 20-30 minute workout. Here’s how: Continue reading